Probably the fastest growing area of Model Flying, and definitely the most controversial, but if carried out in a controlled and safe manor most enjoyable whether flying for fun, aerial photography (for your own use) or racing. Drones are also very useful for those beginning with RC Helicopters as they use the same control inputs but with a much more stable platform

At FMFC we welcome multirotor flyers of all abilities who are willing to fly within the guidelines of the Drone Code as issued by the CAA. We only have a few members who fly multirotors, but they are willing to share their kmowledge with all. So why not contact our Club Instructor Rex  or Helicopter Rep Rick (both occasional multirotor flyers) to find out more.

The links below will take you to the CAA Drone Code where you will find your legal obligations when flying your drone, and to the National Air Traffic Service Drone Assist Safety Apps page where you may download an App for Android or Iphone which will allow you to check if you are flying in prohibited airspace.