About Us

Who are we?

A friendly Model Flying Club located  just south of Frome, Somerset, in the South West of England, We fly powered fixed wing RC Aircraft and Helicopters. We offer the opportunity to try the fixed wing discipline of this fascinating hobby without having to go to the expense of buying your own equipment. For a small fee to cover running expenses you can experience radio controlled flying using our Club Trainer using a dual control system which removes all those worries about what happpens if I do something wrong! We also offer advice on the selection and set up of Helicopters.

Contact our Club Instructor to have a chat and arrange a mutually convenient time. With our BMFA affiliation we offer BMFA “A” and “B” certificate training and testing. We are able to offer instruction on both Internal Combustion (IC) and Electric powered aircraft.

For Helicopter advice contact our Helicopter Rep.



The club was started at a site near Norton St Philip in 1980, with an ad in a local paper calling for model flyers, which means we are over 30 years old.

As a result of a change in land ownership we lost this site at the end of 2009, and moved to a site at Gallant Hill near Radstock, this proved unpopular due to unpredictable wind conditions brought on by the local topography and the proximity of what proved to be “magnetic” trees and hedges.

At the beginning of 2011 we reached an agreement with the  Frome & District Agricultural Society to rent our current flying site.

This photo was recently found and estimated to be over fifteen years old.

Here’s a newsletter from 1983, written by Pete Staddon.

A couple more old photos have turned up, estimated to be from the early nineties it shows aerial images of the Norton St Philip patch from afar and close in.