So you want to fly an RC helicopter

It is a sad fact that most people who go out and buy themselves a RC helicopter never actually learn to fly it. They follow the instructions the best they can in putting it together and setting it up. Then it’s time to take it to the field for a test flight. This test flight usually lasts about 3 or 4 seconds and ends up with the model all bent and twisted. After a few similar experiences the model gets put away and forgotten about, or sold.

If you think model helicopters are for you;

1)                 Speak to someone with experience before you go and buy anything, lots of people buy some old rubbish from EBAY or the BMFA website which will only be a waste of money.

2)                 Join a club, you will find people who are very willing to help you get started and share their knowledge with you. Model helicopters are very unforgiving, setting up a new model is quite a complicated procedure and if this is not done correctly it will not fly even in the hands of an experienced pilot.

3)                 Safety! is the most important thing to think about before rushing out and trying to fly, you can easily cause serious injury to yourself or someone else with one of these beasts if you don’t go about it in the right way.

4)                 Don’t think for one minute that you will be flying around the field in a few minutes or hours. It will take months of practice before you can do anything other than hovering in front of yourself with the tail pointing at you. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because as you improve the rewards are great.

If you go about it sensibly there is immense fun and satisfaction to be had flying model helicopters and by reading this you have already made a step in the right direction.

If you are about to get started and need any further advice you are welcome to contact our Helicopter Rep, for details see the Contact Us Page.

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