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Covid-19 Updated Guidance.

Government guidance has changed significantly since we resumed flying some weeks ago. It is now appropriate that we relax some of the rules around flying at West Woodlands.

Gatherings of up to 30 people are now allowed in outdoors situations as long as social distancing is maintained and you do not socialise with more than 6 people from outside your household.

We are therefore relaxing the 6 person on the field requirement. Parking will only be allowed in marked bays which we are increasing to 10. If all parking bays are occupied please park alongside the track in the adjacent field.

Please continue to use the WhatsApp Group to notify your flying intentions, so that should you be unfortunate enough to exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 other members you may have been in contact with can be informed.

Family of members may visit the site, they must be included in the WhatsApp notification, and must observe social distancing rules.

If you or any members of your family who have visited the field exhibit any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or are tested positive after visiting, notify a committee member so that other members who may have been in contact with you can be informed,

Toilet facilities remain closed.

Do not touch other members chargers or batteries.

Charging facilities may once again be used, hands must be sanitized before and after touching the charging panel.

Buddy box training will resume, students must wear face coverings sanitise hands before and after touching any club equipment, and maintain a minimum 1 m separation from the instructor who will also wear a face covering.

Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Spray are available in the container. Please provide your own face covering.

All other guidance remains unchanged.

Return to the Skies

We have considered the guidance from the BMFA and subject to the following flying has recommenced at West Woodlands.

Ultimately it has to be the individuals decision whether to go flying or not and to take responsibility for their own safety and to ensure that they do nothing which may affect the safety of other club members.   .  

Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice.  

Consider all surfaces to be contaminated.   Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after opening/unlocking and closing/locking access gates and padlocks.  

Unless they are a member of your household, maintain a minimum 2 meter separation to other club members at all times.   Do not arrange to meet with more than six persons outside your household.

Friends and family members are not allowed at the field except in the case of a member who is a minor in which case a parent or guardian must acompany them.  

If  you are in a clinically vulnerable group, which includes those aged over 70, please consider whether you really need to go flying when the site is likely to be busy.  

We will be starting a new WhatsApp Group purely for the purposes of enabling people to post messages re attendance at the site. This will separate these messages from the normal chatter,  so that members may make an informed choice on whether they consider the site to be too busy.

Access to the field to be only by the gate in the eastern hedge.   Vehicles to be parked “nose to the hedge along the eastern hedge centred on the cones which are in place.

In order to limit numbers on site at any one time if all parking slots are full do not enter the flying field, but wait with your vehicle in the adjacent field until someone leaves.

The Club container and the cupboard outside are only to be accessed for the purposes of site maintenance.  

The Club charging system is not to be used, bring enough fully charged batteries or fuel for your proposed flights, or bring your own charging facilities.  

Other than the two end outside tables no other club tables can be used, please bring your own or “Pit on the Ground”  

The Club Buddy Box system and trainer are not available for use.   

Do not share tools or Transmitters  

Do not touch other members models, if your model cannot be operated without assistance, do not fly.  

A maximum of three pilots separated by at least 2m to be allowed on the flight line at any one time. If you require the use of a Spotter they must remain a minimum of 2m behind the flight line  

The Portaloo is not to be used.   All waste including discarded gloves to be removed and taken off site for disposal.

Remember that under current guidelines you are allowed to travel for exercise and to partake in non team sport, not for social gathering.

Arrive – Fly – Go Home