Covid-19 Updated Guidance.

Government guidance has changed significantly since we resumed flying some weeks ago. It is now appropriate that we relax some of the rules around flying at West Woodlands.

Gatherings of up to 30 people are now allowed in outdoors situations as long as social distancing is maintained and you do not socialise with more than 6 people from outside your household.

We are therefore relaxing the 6 person on the field requirement. Parking will only be allowed in marked bays which we are increasing to 10. If all parking bays are occupied please park alongside the track in the adjacent field.

Please continue to use the WhatsApp Group to notify your flying intentions, so that should you be unfortunate enough to exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 other members you may have been in contact with can be informed.

Family of members may visit the site, they must be included in the WhatsApp notification, and must observe social distancing rules.

If you or any members of your family who have visited the field exhibit any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or are tested positive after visiting, notify a committee member so that other members who may have been in contact with you can be informed,

Toilet facilities remain closed.

Do not touch other members chargers or batteries.

Charging facilities may once again be used, hands must be sanitized before and after touching the charging panel.

Buddy box training will resume, students must wear face coverings sanitise hands before and after touching any club equipment, and maintain a minimum 1 m separation from the instructor who will also wear a face covering.

Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Spray are available in the container. Please provide your own face covering.

All other guidance remains unchanged.

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